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A team focussed on world class Story development


Our mission is to produce high quality, audience-driven screenplays in a way that is as efficient as possible within the creative environment.

To achieve this, we have perfected a rigorous and at the same time efficient approach to script development by separating planning from execution and involving a team, not just an individual, at all stages. Our philosophical and practical focus on the Hero’s Journey introduces mythical tools and archetypes into each screen story.

We are passionate about taking on external assignments and creating or re-shaping stories to ensure they are universal in their telling. We balance creativity with efficiency in the development by fully defining the story before anyone writes “FADE IN”.

We hone the concept, characters and story structure, only then do we hire a fresh writer with a passion for and experience in the genre. In this way the writer can focus on the craft of visual storytelling and reducing the risk to the Production company.

Any content creator interested in minimising development time and cost, should talk to us.

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We work with Producers and Production companies to bring all stories to life in an EFFICIENT and METHODICAL way. 

Whether the concept is brand new or a puzzle yet to be solved the Story Shop team will guide the story to be the best it can be both commercially and "mythically"

The Story Shop's goal is to give you the ability to make an objective decision on the viability of the project as quickly as possible.



A big part of our philosophy is matching up and coming talent with our slate of projects.

For each project you join our writing team, sharing not only our knowledge and expertise but of course both the writing and financial credit.

The Story Shop's goal is about creating a productive and collaborative environment for both rookie and veteran writing talent. 

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"After a number of attempts (and 5 years so far) trying to crack the screen adaption of the true story of The Battle of Long Tan I was finally put in touch with James and the rest of his team at The Story Shop.

Right from the first meeting I knew James and his team were the right creative team for us on our Long Tan movie. They took a genuine interest in understanding my own reasons for wanting to bring this story to the big screen, the challenges of bringing a complex, true story and turning it into a universally appealing film and the importance of what will work for an audience.

The Story Shop has a fantastic grasp of story structure and importantly they see the bigger picture as well as the small details which make a story and its characters memorable and entertaining. It was important this time around to find someone with a structure and a methodology, not just in terms of approaching the story and the script but also working with our producing team spread between Australian and LA. James and the team have a strong purpose and approach to telling stories which is in line with our own and importantly with audiences.

There has been nothing but mutual respect and a high degree of collaboration between James and his team and myself and my other Producer and Executive Producers and this has resulted in an enjoyable experience developing this story and script.

I will definitely be using James and his team for other movie projects!

Martin Walsh
Red Dune Productions

"I worked with James, Karel and Paul on Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan.  They created a comprehensive treatment, character breakdown and structural analysis which made my job as a writer very easy and enjoyable.

Together we wrote and re-wrote the script in a series of very creative brain storming sessions.

I have no hesitation in recommending The Story Shop to other writers who are interested in dealing with professionals who have a deep understanding of story, structure and character."

Jack Brislee

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