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THE STORY SHOP implements a 3-stage story development methodology, much like the production of a film.

With a detailed Pre-Production process, Production phase and a Post-Production wrap up this allows for a more risk-free staged investment solution to Script Development


(6-8 Weeks)

Focusing on the Hook, Concept and Logline and testing their market viability through various well worn questionnaire tools as well as live market research.

Creation of a detailed Step Outline and Character Breakdown conforming with Hero’s Journey and relevant character Archetypes


(8 Weeks)

Writer assigned to project from Story Shop contract database

1st Draft of approved Outline delivered within 8 weeks


(8 Weeks)

Creation of a ‘Pitch Pack’ targeted to specific buyers for use by sales agents

At the end of each phase you, the client, makes a decision on whether to move to the next phase and further invest in the concept.

Our goal is to make the value of the story known as quickly as possible. Allowing you to make informed and objective decisions.

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